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Stuckey Farm Mini Sessions

September 19, 2015

Now Booking 2015 Stuckey Farm Mini Sessions!

Sessions are $295 include a 30 minute session in the Stuckey Farm Orchard, your choice of 5 digital images from a gallery online, with print releases, and 2 gift prints.  Limited dates are available click here to book yours today!



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Tea Party Minis are by far the most popular mini session Heartfelt Photography offers and are one of my favorite to photograph.  Each girl makes it her own with her outfit, her play, and her imagination; for instance last year I was offered a cup of Grape, Flower, Peanut Butter, and Booger Tea.  I love how these girls are equal parts sweetness and fire cracker and how a frilly tutu makes them feel beautiful.  I like to think someday if they ever feel awkward or self conscious they can see these portraits and they will remember how beautiful they felt in this moment.

Booking Now Tea Party Collage

The Tea Party & Tutu Styled Mini Session is $65

Sessions are 30 minutes and include an 8×10 Photographic Print.

A variety of tutus and hair accessories are provided for each girl to choose her own outfit.

The set includes dressed up teddy bears, but we encourage each girl to bring her special doll or animal to personalize her portrait.

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You can view my images in the July issue of The American Legion Magazine!

The American Legion Magazine - Heartfelt Photography

My husband and I live a very blessed life, we both have jobs that we absolutely love.  He works for The American Legion as their New Media Manager, and writes articles for their Burnpit Blog (he’s Mothax) and their magazine.  His stories have taken him to Afghanistan, Senegal, Greenland, Gitmo, Alaska, and the White House just to name a few.  So when he came home last year and asked if I would like to go with him on one of his embed stories I got excited!  I was imagining all the cool places it could be, then he said how would you like to campout with the 1st Virginia Cavalry at Gettysburg for the 150th anniversary?….I should have known…One thing is for certain, if there was ever a story about laying on the beach sipping umbrella drinks Mark Seavey would not take it, his passion is history, politics and featuring his brothers and sisters in arms doing what they love on or off the battlefield.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and it was a lot of fun, although I’m not sure that I’m tough enough to camp Civil War Style for 6 days again it was amazing.  The battles, the drums, the clothes, the campsites were all wonderful, it really does transform you back to 1863.  If you ever have the chance to visit a reenactment or participate in one, it is so much fun I highly recommend it!  A big Thank You to the 1st Virginia Cavalry for having us as your guests!  Here are a few images of the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary Reenactment.

150 Gettysburg_Heartfelt Photography01

150 Gettysburg_Heartfelt Photography02

150 Gettysburg_Heartfelt Photography03

150 Gettysburg_Heartfelt Photography04

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Saturday May 31st 10am – noon stop by Arbuckle Acres in Brownsburg to watch 3,000 rubber ducks race down White Lick Creek! Ducks are $5 each and you can purchase them up to the start of the race! There are cash prizes for the top 7 finishers ranging from $1,000 to $100. There will also be door prizes, including a $200 Heartfelt Photography Gift Certificate!!

The Duck Race is one of Brownsburg Kiwanis’ big fundraisers this year their benefactor’s are Riley Children’s Hospital and they are also sponsoring a group of local students who are traveling to Alaska to do home repairs and an outreach mission for local children.

So come out and get a duck or cheer on Hermitrude, Heartfelt Photography’s Duck!

Heartfelt Photography's Duck

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You don’t have to look too hard to find bad headshots out there, just log into LinkedIn!   It’s easy to spot the people who have made poor choices, but sometimes we might be the biggest bad headshot offenders and don’t even know it!  I admit I’m one of the worst…

Confession: I hate being photographed, I don’t know what happens, but I regress to the 13 year old with glasses, braces, and a bad perm. I forget how to smile, stand or sit naturally and I get a bad case of the crazy eyes and I end up doing all the things I know people aren’t supposed to do.  So when it comes to my headshots I’ve always opted for something nontraditional…

In the beginning I thought, “I’ll use a funny picture, it’s ok I’m in a creative field”

Then I thought “Maybe that is too silly, I know I’ll do something whimsical that says I’m fun!”

In my weekly networking groups I am always telling people they needed new headshots, for one of a thousand reasons, but most importantly because a first impression image can sometimes make or break your opportunity to get your foot in the door.

These are the images I’ve used for my own headshots

Caro Headshots

All of these images are accurate representations of me and my personality, but which image relays the first impression I want to give you

I’ve worked in photography for 14 years

I have a photography education

I’m a business owner

I’m reliable

This was a hard exercise for me to go through so I thought that I’d make a little quiz for you, that will tell you if it’s time for you to change the headshot you are using.  Please answer True or False

1. You are using a vacation photo and have cropped out another person or a drink in your hand

2. your company’s about us page looks like a set of mug shots

3. When meeting a new client at Starbucks they are more likely to walk up to your younger sibling than to you

4. Someone could use your image to create a meme for Facebook

5. You are using an image you or someone you work with took on their phone

If you answered True to one or more of these questions it’s time you to schedule a headshot intervention!

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